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  • Kriminal Assault: Chapter 10

    Read all previous installments here. “Are we fighting to kill, or just to maim?” Matilda asked. The fighters arrayed in front of her — and, now, also sneaking up behind — were armed to the teeth. Literaly, in one case, though having a knife in your mouth seemed more dangerous to its wielder than anyone …

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Book 1: Krim Times
Book 2: Lost King of Krim
Book 3: Krim Deeds
Book 4: Krim Kross
Book 5 Time of the Meatheads
Book 6: Gift of the Meatheads
Book 7: The Tapestry
Book 8: The Assassin’s Assassin
Book 9: The Pocoto Investment
Book 10: Krimspiracy
Bridge Over the River Krim
Bridge Over the River Krim


For Krim the Bell Tolls: Final author’s note

Yesterday’s chapter marked the end of For Krim the Bell Tolls, my longest novel yet, coming in at over 80,000 words. I’m finally starting to feel like a real writer. There were some speedbumps I hit along the way, but they were health related, with a couple of off weeks, but the writing process itself …

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Krim Times hits Amazon category bestseller list

With a new cover and a Labor Day promotion, Krim Times hit Amazon’s Best Sellers in Two-Hour Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads today, reaching spot 29 on the top free books list.

Final installment posted in Time of the Meatheads

All 13 installments of the Time of the Meatheads novella are now up. The full text will remain free until it goes through final editing and is posted on Amazon. This is also an opportunity for early readers to comment on the text and suggest improvements and corrections before it goes live. You can even …

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