Farewell, My Krim

Is Bella trapped in a magical tapestry, or is she trapped in a torture dungeon? Either way, it sounds bad and somebody should probably do something.

All installments are now up and can be read for free while the story is still in editing and production.

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  • Farewell, My Krim: Part 1

    Farewell, My Krim: Part 1

    Fried skirrets. Fried cabbage. Fried skirrets with cabbage. Cabbage soup. Ellison Davo stared at the chalkboard with the day’s menu. His stomach growled. Last night’s dinner was also cabbage. Breakfast had been leftover cabbage from the night before. “Sorry,” said Quimby Plummer, the proprietor of the Barley Mow Inn. “We’re still having problems with our…

  • Farewell, My Krim: Part 2

    Farewell, My Krim: Part 2

    “Your wife is trapped inside the rug?” Ellison stepped away from Bob to get a better look at the man. He didn’t look crazy, but, on Krim, you never knew. “Why not? It’s a virtual world, isn’t it? Anything is possible.” “Krim doesn’t have magic,” said Ellison, slowly and carefully, to avoid setting Bob off…

  • Farewell, My Krim: Part 3

    Farewell, My Krim: Part 3

    Back on Banking Street, Ellison shifted Bella’s framed portrait from one shoulder to another. He should have argued harder for removing the canvas from the frame. He checked the list Bob gave him. Bella’s gallery was off to the south. But Matilda’s favorite bar was to the north east, and the Barley Mow Inn was…

  • Farewell, My Krim: Part 4

    Farewell, My Krim: Part 4

    Ellison teleported to Facepage’s Main Street. Eventually, everybody came through here. Even people who hated Facepage dropped by, because their friends lived here, or because it was the most convenient spot to meet. Technically, Facepage was just another virtual world, like Krim. But practically, it was more of an all-purpose platform. People who still had…

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