For Krim the Bell Tolls: Final author’s note

Yesterday’s chapter marked the end of For Krim the Bell Tolls, my longest novel yet, coming in at over 80,000 words.

I’m finally starting to feel like a real writer.

There were some speedbumps I hit along the way, but they were health related, with a couple of off weeks, but the writing process itself went easily and smoothly. I had a good time writing this book, the second in the Royal Season trilogy.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me. And don’t worry, the story will be continued!

But before I start the next book, the one where Matilda and Finnbogi are trapped in a dark world owned by the terrorists, I’m going to take a slight break. I plan to go back, back to the early days of Krim, when Matilda first came to the grid.

This is going to be a novella — I hope! A palate cleanser, if you will, before I dive back into the dark world of the terrorists.